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Committed to Excellence

The Armenians in Banking & Finance (ABF) professional network was established in 2007 as an independent professional network committed to strengthening ties amongst Armenians within the banking and finance industries. Headquartered in New York City, ABF was founded by three Armenian professionals working within the finance industry and committed to the Armenian community. Their mission was to establish a professional network of Armenians helping fellow Armenians in their respective industries within banking, finance and related industries. ABF aims to assist its members to form strategic alliances and strengthen relationships in their respective niche industries.

As part of the ABF mission, the group organizes and coordinates community events where Armenian professionals can meet and share professional experiences and opportunities as well as discuss current events related to the economy and financial markets. Activities under ABF include networking events, philanthropic activities, and financial markets educational presentations.  As always, we are grateful to the individuals – hosts, speakers, and member participants- that have made it possible for this group to flourish in our pursuit.

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